Our delightful, sweet and unforgettable Beyond cherries are the perfect gift for the festive season.

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NZ-wide overnight delivery.

Choose from 3 delivery dates this December (dispatched the day before for overnight delivery).

  1. Wednesday 20th December 2023
  2. Thursday 21st December 2023
  3. Friday 29th December 2023

(Please note that we are unable to offer earlier delivery dates due to the timing of cherry harvest season)

Orders can be placed to confirm your quantities before you send in your distribution list. Finalised distribution lists are due by the 14th of December 2023.

To place your order and send your distribution list, simply download our handy template below, fill it in, and email it back to us at orders@southernfruits.nzWe will then email you an invoice and ship your fruit once payment received.

Download the order form and distribution list template here:

Corporate Order Form

Please ensure you open the file using Excel or Google Sheets.