Southern Fruits International was established in 2022 to pack and market cherries produced at Hortinvest-managed orchards, Central Otago.  It follows the establishment of Hortinvest in 2016 which develops orchards in New Zealand’s premier cherry growing region on behalf of investors, who reap the lucrative rewards of global export sales to existing and growing markets in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the USA.

Our collaboration with the Lindis Coolpac packhouse marks the final step in the summerfruit vision journey undertaken by Hortinvest founders and horticulturalists Ross and Sharon Kirk. Under their management, Ross and Sharon have developed some 245 hectares into productive, sustainable orchards. By 2026, the combined output from all orchards is expected to be 4,000 tonnes a summer.

Every step of the journey is managed by Ross and Sharon and their team of energetic and passionate orchard workers, packhouse staff and marketers. Each orchard has distinct topographical and climatic attributes and a unique provenance. 

Deep Creek Fruits NZ LP owns the Lindis Peaks and Mt Pisa orchards which produce Beyond brand cherries. Lindis Peaks, set on the historic Lindis Peaks Station has a natural elevation of 400 metres above sea level, making it ideal for premium cherry production. It is also less prone to frosts in the critical spring blossoming and fruit-set period. As the station has access to water from the Clutha River, this precious resource is assured. This orchard spans 80 hectares.

Mt Pisa orchard is set at historic Mt Pisa Station, at the foot of the iconic and picturesque Pisa Range. Natural attributes include gently sloping land with free-draining soils and little susceptibility to frosts. Water here is also drawn from the Clutha River, via the Pisa Irrigation Scheme. This orchard spans 83 hectares.