Only the best

Southern Fruits international LP markets and distributes luxurious and distinctive New Zealand cherries to the world, during the peak of our summer, between December and February.

Pristine NZ

Discover the natural alpine goodness and sweetness of New Zealand cherries, grown at the upper elevations in the pristine Southern Alps and lake region of Central Otago. Experience the delight of opening one of our beautifully crafted keepsake boxes, revealing the very best produce from Central Otago nestled within.

Cherry experts

Our team has expert knowledge of global fresh produce markets and experience in delivering high-end fresh produce lines and packaging solutions gleaned over more than 30 years. From the planting of the first tree to every step of our fruits’ journey, we provide the highest level of service to ensure exceptional, unforgettable customer experience.

“Our cherry season is short and sweet – we want to make an impression!”

Sharon Kirk, CEO, director and international sales and marketing